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Excerpts from the book
The Clean Water Crisis
by Patrick Cox


Why do you do charity work?

That is a good question! Why do I give thousands of hours of my time with no salary for clean water? I was at a meeting with a possible donor when I first heard that question. I never thought about it before and said off the cuff, “It seems like the right thing to do”. When I left that meeting I thought to myself, “Why do I do this work?” I've always been fascinated by Socrates' bold statement that "The unexamined life is not worth living." So I looked hard at my motives and it seems simple now. I have lived a selfish life. My first marriage we didn’t have children and we could do whatever we wanted, when we wanted. That started the foundation of my selfishness. Then in my 40’s I was divorced and I became even more selfish not having anyone to answer to.  
Now in my 50’s and with my second wife I saw the movie The Road Home, which is a film about a girl in a small village in Northern China and a young teacher. The story opens in the present with the teacher's death that brings their grown son back from the big city for the funeral. His mother, insists upon following the tradition of carrying the coffin back to their remote village by foot so that her husband's spirit will remember its way home. The son narrates how his parents met 45 years ago and it is a very beautiful love story.
The son realizes how important this ritual of carrying the coffin back to village is to his mother, So he agrees to make all necessary arrangements. When the procession sets out they are short of people to help carry the coffin but then 100’s former students show up to help carry home the casket of the man who was their teacher through various generations in the village. Seeing the impact his father had on so many people, the son decides to return to the village and become a teacher just like his father.
That was the beginning of my idea to give back and make a positive impact.
I have 30 plus years of designing clean water systems and I thought what the nonprofit, Doctors without Borders, was doing is great. Doctors and Nurses take their expertise to people who cannot afford medical help. I know there is a clean water crisis in developing countries and I have a lot of experience in this area, so lets’ start a nonprofit for providing clean, safe drinking water to people in need.




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